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Marci Round Stone Tile Dining Table
  • Marci Round Stone Tile Dining Table
  • Marci Round Stone Tile Dining Table
  • Marci Round Stone Tile Dining Table
  • Marci Round Stone Tile Dining Table
  • Troy Stone Tile Dining Table Base

Marci Round Stone Tile Dining Table


Perfect combination of Scabos, Noce, Beige Travertine and Brown Emperador Tiles to create a unique look great for an outside patio or pool side table. Some pictures are shown with optional matching troy table base and optional umbrella hole. This page is for the mosaic table top and matching Troy table base only.

Tile Table Top and Troy Base

Hand Made in USA

Available in custom shapes and sizes.

Choose Size (Price will change per selection)
Made to Order - Ships in 4 to 6 Weeks

 Free Ground Shipping 

Our Marci Stone Tile Dining Table not only look good but are also usable designed so a wine glass can set on it without tipping over. Made from real tiles, no cheap plastic or imitation tiles.

Can be used inside or outside.

Includes Optional Table Top Size and Table Base Set
Overall height 29" Tall

Available for online ordering in round shape:
Also available in custom size and shape

Stone tile table tops are manufactured in the USA using marine grade honeycomb with solid strand fiberglass cores that drastically reduces the weight by 60% compared to our competitors cement boards which are known to absorb moister resulting in tiles that fall off as well as mildew and mold. These innovative cores are 100% waterproof and resistant to the outdoor elements.

Before leaving our manufacturing facility, a special treatment with sealer is applied to the stone mosaic surface to protect it from the sun, spills, and stains. They have been tested from 200 degrees Fahrenheit to minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Since our cores are virtually indestructible and unaffected by extreme conditions we provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY against any structural failures. Combining the best materials with quality workmanship we warranty our mosaic stone tables for 3 years.

Handmade Made in USA Can be used inside or outside.


Data sheet

Marci Mosaic
Height (inches)
Item Type
Stone Tile Dining Table
Optional or Custom
Tabletop Thickness
2 Inches (50.8 mm)
Made In
Material (made from)
Stone Tiles
Inside or Outside

Care and Maintenance

The mosaic stone tile tables that you see on this website are handmade in the United States by talented artisans who use only the finest, high quality, hand picked natural stone materials in every design.


A patented light weight, extremely durable, and 100% water proof core ensures that these are the most durable and crack resistant tables on the market. All stones are treated multiple times with a penetrating below surface sealer that protects them against moisture and damage from the elements. The grout we use is specially formulated to be stain proof and resistant to penetrating liquids. Every natural stone table we produce is engineered to withstand extremes of both heat and cold, ensuring that these tables can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.


In order to maintain the beauty and luster of your natural stone table top you should apply a penetrating natural stone surface sealer annually. This will protect the stone from spills and stains while creating an invisible barrier over the entire surface of the table. Stone sealing agents can be purchased from most local hardware and do it yourself stores. While the extremely durable light weight core at the center of these tables is nearly indestructible, the natural stone mosaics that line it can be chipped if the table is dropped or smashed into a hard surface. Care should be used when moving these pieces.

Cleaning Instructions:

The nature of the construction of these tables, as well as the penetrating sealer which is applied to their surface multiple times, ensures that these pieces are resistant to stains and damage. However, the nature of the material is such that spills should be wiped up promptly when they occur. Certain liquids, especially citric juices and red wine, can affect the chemical structure of the natural stone materials if left on their surface for a prolonged period of time.

Routine cleaning of your tabletop can be accomplished by using a mild liquid dish soap diluted in a water solution. Do not use harsh chemical cleansers or ammonia when cleaning these pieces.

Outdoor Stone Tables in
Cold Weather Climates

Natural stone is a porous material that can absorb liquid and moisture into its core. The absorbency of different types of stone will vary, but they all do this to some extent. Grout used in mosaic patterns can also be very absorbent. In cold outdoor location this can be an issue, as water from rain and humidity can sink into the material, and then when the weather turns cold it can freeze, expand, and crack your table top in half.

How to Solve This Problem?

All of our natural stone tables are built with a revolutionary poly marine fiberglass core that is virtually indestructible and completely waterproof. Even if water manages to seep down into the stone it will just hit that center and be repelled, protecting the structural integrity of the entire piece. This also makes out tables relatively lightweight.

In addition to this, we also treat the surface of the natural stone mosaic pieces we use in our tables multiple times with a penetrating sealant. This goes down and clogs the pores in the material, making it impossible for rain and water to get into the core of the pieces. This can be effective for as long as a year, although we do recommend reapplication in cold weather outdoor locations. Sealant for stone can be purchased at any local hardware store.

Our mosaic stone tables are designed for outdoor use, and are built to last. Handmade in the United States, they are manufactured using only quality materials, many of which are sourced from the exotic corners of the earth. All tables are custom built to your needs, and we are happy to offer discounts for those with bulk or multiple item purchase inquiries.

Custom Mosaic Work

If you design it we can most likely make it for you. If there is a design you like but would like the tiles changed to a different style or color of tile we can do that for you. If you have tiles you would like us to use you can send then to us and we can apply them to any of our designs or your own custom design. We can make mosaic tables for just about any size, shape - dining tables, counter and bar height tables, coffee cocktail and tables. Which can be used inside or outside. 

For custom work:

  • Please call us at: 417-881-3913
  • Email us at: sales@uniquemosaictables.com

Custom Examples:

Custom Mosaic Table

Custom North Star Mosaic:

54" x 96" with bite corners and three north star patterns with one larger design in the middle and two smaller designs on each site.

Custom Lobster Mosaic:

Custom chat height lobster mosaic table top with glass tile border and setting on optional matching Pompeii table base set.

Green Compass Mosaic Table Top

Custom Compass Mosaic:

Replaced beige tiles out with green marble tiles and put it on a optional matching Roma table base. This custom table turned out so well that we added it to our line it is not know as the Green "Compass"


To most of the USA we offer free shipping, there are a very few areas within the US that is very expensive to ship to an example would be into New Your City or some remote locations. If you would happen to live in one of these areas we would give you a call before your credit card is charged and let you know it there would be any extra expense then you can let us know if you would like to proceed with the order or not. 

Free Freight Service:
Most of our items ship by freight truck, the free shipping is considered curb side service with a lift gate, the freight company will give you a call ahead of time when your order is in your area to setup a deliver time with you.

We will email you your tracking information when your order ship:.
But please remember to check your spam or junk folder for all email correspondence. We are not responsible for emails that we sent that end up in your junk/spam folder or you deleted without reading. You can always call us about your order if you would like at 417-881-3913

White Glove Freight Service:
We offer a white glove service, where the shipping company will un-package/un-crate your order and set it it where you would like and take the packaging away. Very useful for larger items you might want to order. For a white glove quote please call 417-881-3913 us or email us.

Shipping Damage:
Damage items must be reported within 72 hours to Unique Style Solutions, Inc/Unique Mosaic Tables 417-881-3913, if a shipment is refused because of damage please let us know as soon as possible so we can prepare another shipment for you.

We can take an order for you and hold it at our warehouse for no extra charge until you are ready for it, but if a delivery is shipped out and you are not ready for it and didn't let us know that you were not wanting it shipped yet, you will be responsible for any storage fees that the freight company might charge for holding your order.

It is very important that you inspect the order before receiving it.  If you notice any damage on the box and/or on the pallet, please write DAMAGE to the paperwork that you have to sign. If you have not had time to inspect it, please write it PENDING INSPECTION on BOL. If FedEx Ground shipment, please inspect the box. If you sign the paperwork (BOL) clear; without any word “damage” or "pending inspection", that means it is in your possession and that means it is your responsibility if damage occurs on delivery, which means you would have to file a claim with the freight company if damage is found.

If a shipment is returned to us because the freight company can't contact you or you just refused it because you changed your mind, once we receive the shipment back we will inspect it and return a portion of your purchase price to you except for the shipping cost to you and returned shipping cost to back to us.

Out of Country Custom Made Orders:
Some of our products like our bronze and marble pieces are made outside of the US (and we require a 50% deposit) once a product is made and ready for shipping we will require the balance due for the order. We try hard to get products like this to arrive in a timely manner and will keep you updated but once it is in the port/shippers hands we are not responsible for any delay caused by them.

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Marci Round Stone Tile Dining Table

Perfect combination of Scabos, Noce, Beige Travertine and Brown Emperador Tiles to create a unique look great for an outside patio or pool side table. Some pictures are shown with optional matching troy table base and optional umbrella hole. This page is for the mosaic table top and matching Troy table base only.

Tile Table Top and Troy Base

Hand Made in USA

Available in custom shapes and sizes.

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